Business Slogan What Makes a Great Tagline

Every marketing expert knows that when it comes to print media, marketing or any other form of advertisement, your business’ tagline plays a big role in attracting customers. The truth is creating a tagline only requires an idea but making a memorable slogan is another thing. To create a slogan worthy of attention there are several factors to consider.

● Keep it short and simple

The first mistake you can make when thinking up the perfect tagline to go with your product or business is to put everything you “think” you need. Taglines need to be short and simple. The best taglines are composed with only three to five words such as McDonald’s, “I’m Lovin It.”

● Avoid being generic

There are millions of slogans in the market, and too many of them are what we call generic. This means they used a set of generic words that are very common such as “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed” or “The thing you need.” To create proper branding and one that is worth remembering, you need to stay away from these generic taglines and create something unique.

● Focus on one thing

Taglines are created to be short and focused. The set of words you use should trigger the customer’s thought and the same time should pertain to only one subject. The more focused your tagline is, the more likely people will remember it.

● What your product has to offer

Perhaps the best way to create a memorable slogan is to think of a sentence that is short and focused. Then, make a list of features that your product has to offer potential customers. You need to tell them firsthand what your product has that others do not. It is a perfect brand strategy that you should include in creating your slogan. One example is M&M’s, “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands”.

● Motivate

The best taglines are those that trigger the viewer’s thought and motivates them to take action. Two examples are Nike’s “Just Do It” or Apple’s, “Think Different.”


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