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We embroider IN-HOUSE!


If you want a professional look on any apparel, then embroidery is the way to go! Whether you already have a logo or need one designed for you - we can help you create a professional brand for your business! If you want to personalize a garment, bag,  towel, or just about any fabric with a name or monogram, we can do that for you too!



Q.  Is there a minimum number of items I may have embroidered?

A.  You may have as few as one item embroidered; however, bulk pricing begins at 6 items.

Q:  What determines the price of embroidery?

A:  Price is determined by the size and complexity of the design according to the number of stitches.

Q:  Does the number of colors in my design affect the price?

A:  You may have up to nine colors in your design without affecting price.